Twister – Cardistry Tutorial

This is a cardistry trick where you make a card flip/spin in between the two decks. It may look a bit confusing, but it is quite simple when you break it down by following the steps. Follow the steps below to guide you through this cardistry tutorial.


  1. Get a break above the bottom 5-10 cards
  2. Hold the deck so that your thumb is holding the larger packet as well as the smaller packet of the 5-10 cards from the bottom. Your middle and ring finger hold the cards on the top with both pockets touching. Your pointer finger should be curled not doing much.
  3. Now we will be preparing for the flourish. Take your pointer finger and swing cut with about half of the cards into your left hand. If you want to learn how to swing cut better, check out this cardistry tutorial for (Swing Cut)
  4. Once you swing cut the top pack into your left hand you’re going to come over with your right hand and place the bottom left edge of the bottom packet at the base of your left thumb.
  5. Release your grip of the bottom packet with your right thumb. Let the packet be held between the base of your left thumb and your right ring finger.
  6. Rotate the cards in the middle halfway so now the cards are facing up. Use support of your left ring finger.
  7. Now that the cards are facing up, push the cards in the middle with your ring finger and slightly rotate your left wrist.
  8. Bring your right thumb over to the bottom right corner of the middle cards that were rotating. Use your thumb to rotate the cards back into position so they have completed a full 360 degree rotation.
  9.  Now place the top packet on top of the middle packet; make sure they are still being held with your thumb separating them on the bottom, and holding the cards on the top. Have your middle and ring finger so they are only touching on the top, and are still separated by your thumb on the bottom.
  10. Push the cards that you are holding with your left hand up. You can now place the packet you are holding with your right hand into your left hand. This will put all the cards back into one deck again.


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