Ruspin – Cardistry Tutorial

In this cardistry tutorial we will be going over the Ruspin. The Ruspin is a beginner cardistry trick that is very easy to do, and still looks amazing at the same time. All that is required to perform this trick is to have basic card spinning abilities. Though in the video shown above, the cardist appears to do this move very fast making it look difficult, thought it is not. It is sometimes just the speed at which the trick is performed that makes some cardistry tricks look so hard. Take the tricks slow when starting out, step by step. Don’t try to go into it going super fast. Once you get the basics of cardistry moves, then it is much easier to perform at a higher speed. Just keep on practicing, every trick will get easier the more you practice! Now below are a list of steps to guide you through this cardistry tutorial.


  1. Get a small packet of 5-10 cards.
  2. Now grip the deck with a corner grip, using your thumb and middle finger.
  3. Pull off a card from the small packet of 5-10 cards with your left ring finger.
  4. Place your left thumb on the card you are pulling off with your ring finger.
  5. Move your right hand forward, pushing with your right thumb to spin the card in the middle. Your left thumb and ring finger should still be pinching the card as well.
  6. Now do a corner spin on the small packet of cards, with your right index finger.
  7. Slide the sing;le card with your left thumb over the small packet. You are not placing it there, the card is just simply sliding through.
  8. Now pull the single card to the bottom of the deck you are holding with your left hand. While you are doing this, do another corner spin with the small packet you are holding with your right hand.
  9. To finish, place the smaller packet with your right hand on top of the deck. To do this, you are going to push up with your index finger, and pull down with your thumb. Also, release your grip with your middle finger to let the packet fall backwards onto the deck.

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