Roly Poly – Cardistry Tutorial

This cardistry trick is super easy to learn. It doesn’t require much practice and looks cool, which makes this move fun to do for cardisters. Use the steps below to guide you through this cardistry tutorial.


  1. Get a break of about 5-10 cards with your pinky
  2. Now grip the deck between your thumb and middle finger.
  3. Put the bottom left edge of the smaller packet of 5-10 cards on the base of your thumb. Put the top right corner of the packet on your ring finger of your other hand.
  4. Use the ring finger of your left hand to rotate the packet.
  5. Now grab the larger packet with your left hand.
  6. Turn your hands so they are facing up, while still holding the cards.
  7. Now use the ring finger of your right hand to rotate the smaller packet of 5-10 cards.
  8. Next is to grip the packet of 5-10 cards with your right hand. You will be using your thumb to grip the bottom corner and your middle finger to grip the top.
  9. Use your index finger of your right hand to rotate the cards 360 degrees.
  10. Release your thumb and pull back your middle finger as you place the 5-10 packet on top of the deck.

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