Gold Monarchs Playing Cards – Most Expensive Playing Cards For Sale

Looking to buy the most expensive playing cards for cardistry? If so, the Gold Monarchs Playing Card Deck is the one for you!

About Gold Monarchs

This cardistry deck is one of the most rare decks you can get. This deck is so rare, simply for the fact that this is a limited edition, and they aren’t being made anymore.

It is also one of the most expensive decks you can get due to how high quality it is; this deck is truly made to last!

This deck has some very cool features added to it! What’s amazing is that it’s the first deck that has real metal foil added to the back of the cards. Monarchs are printed with gold foil on gold paper

People will be amazed when they see you with this deck. Not only have they may never heard of the Gold Monarchs Deck, but since Theory 11 is a popular card brand, they may recognize the brand, and wonder how you got such a special deck. Most people aren’t going to have this deck, which makes it very special one to have!

The Deck Box

The cards also come with a beautiful gold colored deck box. The box looks amazing, and is also made of high quality. This will help keep your cards extra safe when you’re done performing your cardistry tricks.

The Creation Of The Deck

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Theory 11 has been working with USPC to work on this set of cards. For the first time, they put gold foil directly on the back of the cards. After this, the cards are then processed with Bicycle’s most durable finish. This finish allows the deck to be shuffled, fanned, and spread smoothly, just like a normal deck of cards. This turned out to be a success now. People first thought that the metal would interfere with their ability to handle the cards with ease, but it turns out that the cards are incredibly easy to handle; we can thank Bicycle’s finish to the cards for this.

According to USPC, this deck is 30% more flexible, as well as 400% more durable than other foil applications. This foil is not going to come off even when you scratch and bend them. It is absolutely one of the highest quality decks you can get!

Many people love the Gold Monarchs Playing Cards for this very reason, and love to see whenever someone pulls out one of these decks. The cards really are rare, and go fast. However, these cards are available on Amazon now and then. You can check out the availability by clicking the picture on the right side. Theory 11 doesn’t make them anymore, so you have to buy them from other sellers on Amazon by clicking “see all offers.”


I hope this article helped you learn more about the Gold Monarchs Deck. This really is a beautiful deck that is worth the buy. The fact that almost no one will have this deck is also what makes this deck very special. The fact that this is the first deck to put metal foiling on the back of the cards is also a reason to check them out. Overall, these cards are perfect for cardistry, and you will be pleased with them.

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