Friffle – Cardistry Tutorial

In this cardistry tutorial we will be going over the friffle. The friffle is an intermediate move so remember to be patient and take your time while learning if you are just starting out. Though this cardistry trick may be intermediate, once you get the hang of it, the move is a breeze. An issue some people tend to have for this move is that their decks are too sticky to properly perform a friffle. It is recommended to have a nice clean deck when performing this move. You can get some new cardistry cards on amazon here. These cards are designed to make cardistry look amazing, and even add an illusion to your performance. Below I listed some steps to help with this tutorial.


  1. First we want to break the deck in half. You should now have 2 even decks. It doesn’t have to be exact but just estimate about half.
  2. You are now going to stick one of the half decks inside the other. You want to stick the deck inside so that the other deck has some cards on the outside of the other deck. You also want to make sure that the cards you are putting into the other deck stick out about half way.
  3. Add your thumb of the other hand that isn’t holding any cards, onto the top card. With the same hand, place it out in front of you so you can catch the cards.
  4. Now we will start the friffle. Apply enough pressure with your thumb so that only one card can fall at a time. Your thumb will be connected to one card the whole time throughout the friffle.
  5. All there is to it now is to catch the cards. Once you get good at steps 1-4, you can go into a cascade which is explained in the video. To go into the cascade you need to practice catch the cards evenly. When you catch the cards, they should land so that they form a new deck on top of your pinky finger.
  6. Push one half of the deck slightly into the top right corner of the other deck. Let the cards fall similarly like how you performed the riffle.

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