Flutter – Cardistry Tutorial

This cardistry trick is a simple move to start out with, that is very easy to learn.

  1. Hold the deck in your left hand. Using your left thumb, push off the top card and clip the top right corner between your right thumb and your index finger.
  2. Pull the top card off and turn your right hand so that it is facing up.
  3. Turn your left hand face down while pushing off the top card.
  4. Put the top right corner of the card you are pushing with your left hand in between your pinky and ring finger. You now should be holding 2 cards with your right hand.
  5. Turn your hands so that your left hand is now facing up, and that your right hand is facing down.
  6. Push the top card of the deck you are holding with your left hand off and grab the card with your index and middle finger.
  7. Rotate the card around your left thumb 360 degrees and place it back on the top of the deck so that the card is facing down.
  8. Turn your right hand face down, and put the card face down in between the middle and ring finger of your left hand.
  9. Rotate the card back onto the deck by curling your fingers.
  10. For the last card, turn your right hand so that it is now face down. Rotate the card around the outside of your thumb to return the card to the deck.


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