Fan Flourish – Cardistry Tutorial

This flourish called “The Fan Flourish” is one of the most common flourishes you will see in cardistry. It takes some practice, but it’s only a matter of time till you start to evenly spread the cards and have an amazing looking flourish! This cardistry trick can be hard to if you have an old sticky deck of cards. You want to have nice and clean cards so the cards can evenly spread when you do the flourish. You can buy an official cardistry deck here on Amazon, that looks much cooler than a normal pack of cards. Follow the steps below to help guide you through this tutorial.


  1. Hold the deck of cards in your hand
  2. on the side of the cards that is touching the base of your thumb, create a small incline of the cards
  3. Now hold the deck in between your thumb (on top) and your index finger (on the bottom)
  4. Take the thumb of your other hand and make contact to the incline of the cards.
  5. Rotate the cards using your applied pressure to the incline. This is the part where you are spreading the cards. Practice spreading the cards evenly. It may take some time, but you will get it soon enough. A tip is to find the right speed in which you are spreading the cards. If you go too slow it won’t be a very even spread, so just go at a nice and smooth pace.

Bonus: Giant fan

  1. Split the deck in half.
  2. Add half of the deck in between the other half of the deck through the deck, so they are sticking out half way.
  3. Do the flourish the same way taught in the previous steps. It is the same trick with a little more control and practice needed.


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