Card Flicker – Cardistry Tutorial

In this cardistry tutorial we will be going over how to perform the flicker shot. The flicker shot is an intermediate/advanced trick, so if you are just starting out you may want to head over to the beginner section of our Learn Cardistry Tricks page. Now though this is an intermediate/advanced move, that doesn’t mean it is always going to be hard; anything can be made easy with practice. Once you get the hang of flicking the card at the right angle, you will find that this cardistry trick is extremely fun to do. You will also amaze the crowd so don’t give up! Follow the steps below to guide you through this tutorial. This is a bit of a longer video, so the steps should make it easy to remember what the last steps were in case you forget.


  1. Hold two fingers on the edges of the card. One finger will go on the top left corner, and the other finger will go on the top right corner. Preferably use your thumb and your middle finger.
  2. Now we need to figure out which direction we want the card to spin in. When a lot of people do this cardistry trick, they often think that the card will leave off their middle finger; the card will actually leave off your thumb. When the card leaves off the middle finger, the card will be rotating back behind you only. When it leaves off your thumb, the card will rotate forwards. You need the card to be spinning forwards, because while the card is going behind your back, it will eventually need to go forward so you can see the card and catch it. The card is able to still travel backwards due to the angle, and the fact that you are still throwing it back wards. So remember, you are throwing the card backwards. However, the card is going to be rotating forwards. An example would be if you flicked the card with your right hand, then the card should be rotating counter clockwise.
  3. So we know which direction the card is spinning, but how do we flick this now? First off, we need to be flicking the card with both the thumb and the middle finger at the same time. Just flicking it with the thumb will give it less air time. Also moving your hand in the direction of where you are flicking the card will help.
  4. After flicking the card, turn your head to spot the card in front of you. You can now catch the card in your hand. A cool way to perform this move (once you had mastered it) is to hold your deck, and let the card you flicked land in it. To do that, hold the deck like you are cupping it. Your fingers should barely be gripping the deck. This will make it easier for the incoming card to land in your hand easily. Remember, cardistry is a skill based hobby, so it’s going to take a lot of practice before you get this move down.

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