Cardistry Trick Of The Month June

Hello and welcome to the Cardistry Trick Of The Month June! Do you want your cardistry video displayed on our site for this months contest? If yes, all you have to do is retweet our contest tweet at and tweet at us  your YouTube link of your cardistry trick video. The video length does not […]

Best Cardistry Decks In 2017

Cardistry is the art of flourishing! It is growing rapidly and sparking interest in many people over the world. It takes skill, and patience, but in time when you learn how to flourish and twirl your cards with ease, it is one of the most fun hobbies out there! With much practice, your cardistry will […]

Cardistry Trick Of The Month October

It’s October, and that means it’s time for the next Cardistry Trick Of The Month! If you win this contest, your selected cardistry trick clip from YouTube will be displayed on the front page of our website, and will even be made as a tweet on our Twitter page! How To Enter To enter, all […]

Cardistry Shirts For Sale!

We have recently created some t-shirts for CardistryTricks. You can buy the cardistry shirts on These are our very first shirts, so please tell us what you think on twitter. We will retweet you if you send us a picture of you wearing the shirt.

Tunnel Shuffle – Cardistry Tutorial

In this cardistry tutorial, we teaching you how to do the tunnel shuffle. The tunnel shuffle may look like it is pretty hard, but really it’s not. This cardistry trick is simple once you get down the timing of the shuffle, and figure out how much pressure you need to put on the cards.

Insane Cardistry Tricks from Singapore!

Here is a cardistry video on some of the most skilled cardists in Singapore out there! Just take a look at the complexity of some of the moves they are doing. Not only are they doing advanced moves, but all of the moves performed are done almost perfectly. It takes a lot of hard work […]

Cardistry Trick of the Week!

Hello fellow cardists! We are going to be doing a contest called “Cardistry Trick of the Week.” In this contest, you can submit your clip to our email for a chance for your cardistry trick video to be showcased on our site for a whole week. Visitors will see your cardistry video in the blog […]

Ruspin – Cardistry Tutorial

In this cardistry tutorial we will be going over the Ruspin. The Ruspin is a beginner cardistry trick that is very easy to do, and still looks amazing at the same time. All that is required to perform this trick is to have basic card spinning abilities. Though in the video shown above, the cardist […]

Deck Flip – Cardistry Tutorial

For this cardistry tutorial we will be going over the deck flip. The deck flip is an intermediate/advanced move, so it may take some time for you to get down well. It is also not a beginner cardistry move because of how easy it is for your whole deck to fall. Then you have to […]